Call for Pitches: Ghosts

To celebrate the creepy time of year, this fall Anthropology News is turning a spooky eye to spectral apparitions and things that go bump in the night. What can anthropology tell us about ghosts and hauntings of all kinds in all places: ghosts ritual and metaphorical, economic and political, long-experienced and recently imagined?

The Enduring Urgency of Black Breath

Breath is a powerful material and spiritual force, a point not only of harm but also recovery. It can show us how Black people experience multiple convergences of racial violence, health and environmental hazards, socioeconomic precarity, and disaster through time and space.

Why Pedagogy is an Anthropological Problem

Opening our teaching to risk, horizontal interactions, UnEssays, and ungrading offers ways to truly cultivate students’ learning needs, curiosity, and responsibility—in line with what anthropologists report from learning throughout the world.

Training as a Solution

Participating in and delivering training sessions has helped me to address client problems and create future opportunities for my business.

Generating Queers

An embodied intergenerational pedagogy sheds light on the possibilities of bringing together diverse LGBTQ+ cohorts to strengthen our sense of value and inclusion within a history, lineage, and community.

Government Peace Pedagogy in Colombia

In a bid to counter disinformation surrounding the peace process, the Colombian government embarked on an ambitious public education campaign. But their rational approach was powerless in the context of a polarizing referendum.

Call for Pitches: Graphic Ethnography

This summer, the Anthropology News magazine turns comic. We will look at the growing interest in using drawings as ethnographic fieldwork method and the process of transforming research into comic forms and graphic novels. We’ll explore the creative work of anthropologist-cartoonists and imaginative collaborations between anthropologists and cartoonists.