What Do You Mean by Abolition?

A collaboration between abolitionist groups in California educates and acts for a more just future.

Knowing Across Cultures

Is the concept of knowledge the same for all people? How might new data push debates on knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in new directions?

Sounds Fishy?

Italy’s “Sardine” movement has been one of the most visible examples of grassroots anti-populist mobilizations in Europe. But how did the fish become an unlikely symbol of collective resistance to right-wing populism?

Considering an Anthropology of the Far Right

Chandra Middleton interviewed anthropologist Nitzan Shoshan, professor in the Center for Sociological Studies at the Colegio de México, about his award-winning book, The Management of Hate.

Brexit from Below

A Northern Ireland Catholic farming community’s perspectives on travel offer insight into resilience.

Lunar Imperialism (And How to Avoid It)

The year is 1902. Our setting is a Jules Verne-inspired film studio on the outskirts of Paris. Illusionist and director Georges Méliès is about to produce one of the most influential films ever made—Le voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon).

Dismantling White Supremacy Starts Inside

How do we define racism? Would we include ourselves in this definition? Until recently, I would have included myself tangentially by acknowledging that I have white privilege.

#EleNão vs. the Women We Are Missing

While the mainstream media villainized the Bolsonaro voters, presenting them as either the entreguista economic elite, ready to offer its natural resources to the old colonial powers, or as people full of hate and anger, a closer look at this electorate allows one to notice nuances among supporters and also remind us that votes are, in the end, the currency that people exchange to meet their needs.

Mediating Business Risk on the Shanghai Subway

In 2018, two new poster series colorfully bursting with depictions of urbanites in extremis appeared on Shanghai’s subways. They advertise competing mobile phone apps that allow users to check out suppliers, buyers, investment companies, and potential employers to suss out the likelihood of being cheated by them.