Motivation and Apathy in the Time of COVID-19

For many graduate students, the pandemic has postponed fieldwork and changed research plans. How do we keep going and cope with these challenges to our academic careers?  

Unifying America One Bison at a Time

Despite renewed enthusiasm for returning bison to the prairie, most animals are raised for commercial purposes. It might take some surprising coalitions to increase conservation herds and bring back bison to our shared landscape.

Linguistic Anthropology and COVID-19

A post-COVID-19 “return to normal” implies a continuation of the very cultural, linguistic, and economic practices that precipitated the pandemic. Scholars of language and communication must do better.

Studying Historical Artifacts on YouTube

A new community of YouTube creators are using video to give audiences a close-up view of antique garments and accessories. Can they inspire museums to invest in new ways to share their collections and expertise?

Coping with the Everyday during Lockdown in Sri Lanka

In March 2020, urban middle-class mothers found themselves without the reproductive labor of domestic workers. Schedules and routines proved indispensable mechanisms through which they organized their family’s lives and coped with life at home.

Feminist Hopes for Chile’s Future

Two million Chileans marched for gender equality and democratic reform on International Women’s Day 2020. With the writing of a new constitution now on the horizon, feminist activists across the country are organized and ready.