Anthropology News (AN) encourages lively conversation and debates, and at the same time expects civil and professional discourse. Opinions expressed in AN belong to the author(s). Publication does not signify endorsement by Anthropology News or the American Anthropological Association (AAA).

AAA Member Benefit

Publishing in AN is a benefit of AAA membership. AN’s editor will review any proposal or submission, but the decision to proceed with a piece is contingent on the author’s current membership.

AN reserves the right to edit, reschedule, or reject any submission.

Access to AN

AN publishes on the AN website, anthropology-news.org, on a rolling basis. The bimonthly AN print magazine features curated series and matters of record for the Association (traditional newsletter content)The AN magazine is distributed to all AAA members who wish to receive it. All content on anthropology-news.org is accessible by anyone.


AN will not publish any legally actionable or libelous assertions.


AN does not tolerate personal or ad hominem attacks.

Author Agreements

All authors of articles that appear in thematic series or as stand-alone pieces are required to sign an author agreement prior to publication. All section contributing editors and columnists are required to sign a publishing agreement that covers the publication year (January through December). Authors who contribute as a guest to a regular column (Opinion or Section News) are covered by the columnist or section contributing editor’s overall agreement.


AN does not censor. AN watches for potentially libelous statements, tries to ensure accurate reporting of facts, and aims to maintain a professional discourse.

Claim Your Contribution

Anonymous submissions will not be published. You must attach your name to your submission. Under special circumstances, the editor will consider a possible pseudonymous contribution.

Comments Online

Commenting on articles published on the AN website is limited to current AAA members. As with all AN content, comments reflect the views of the person who submitted the comment only. The decision to publish a comment does not signify endorsement by AN or the AAA. We encourage members to limit their comments to 500 words max. Comments must be original and should engage with the content of the article. Ad hominem attacks will not be published. Additionally, Comments that violate the AAA statement on ethics or the AAA Policy on Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault will not be published.

Criticisms of AAA in AN

Criticism of AAA and its bodies is welcome in AN. As with correspondence, AN staff will notify the appropriate AAA representative (such as a columnist, section president, or staff member), who will have the opportunity to respond to the criticism in a timely manner.

Dissent from AAA Positions

Comments that dissent from official positions of the AAA need to be clearly stated as the author’s personal opinion.

Fact Checking

Authors, opinion columnists, and section contributing editors are expected to verify all factual information and be able to provide sources or other means of verification upon request.


AN feature articles and columns are published in English.

Letters to the Editor

Finalized Letters to the Editor about a specific AN article, contributor, or anthropologist will be shared with the subject of the letter. That person or people will have the opportunity to respond in writing at the same time of publication on the AN websiteIf they choose to respond, then the original letter writer will have the opportunity to read the response before publication. See the adopted 1995 AAA Executive Board Motion below.

Opinion Columns

AN opinion columns and other commentaries are designed to explore diverse views of the discipline and current events from an anthropological perspective. Commentaries reflect the views of the authors; their publication does not signify endorsement by AN or the AAA. Authors are expected to verify all factual information included in the text.

Print AN Content

The bimonthly AN print magazine features thematic series as well as matters of record for the association (traditional newsletter content). The AN  editor solicits content and puts out calls for proposals throughout the year. The editor makes all final decisions about content to be included in the print issues.

The editor and designer make decisions on the layout of print issuesincluding images and artwork.


Do not use, unless of course part of a quotation with scholarly purpose.

Submitting Section News Columns

Section contributing editors should solicit content from their section members. This content can take the form of an update on what’s happening in the section (e.g., section initiative, call for papers, meeting announcement, book awards, and incoming journal editors). Such articles are at most 1,000 words. Alternatively, contributing editors may submit longer, feature-style articles (1,400 words maximum). If a submitted article does not meet the standards of publication, the AN editor will notify the contributing editor, who then has the option to return the article to the author with developmental suggestions from the AN office.

Sexual Harassment Policy

By submitting a pitch or manuscript for publication and/or registering as a section contributing editor in Anthropology News, the author commits to maintaining respectful and ethical professional relationships in accordance with the AAA Principles of Professional Responsibility and the AAA Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. The author further understands that sexual, sexual identity, or racial/ethnic harassment—or harassment of any kind—is unethical and unacceptable professional behavior, and that it is unethical to exploit the inequalities of power that characterize many professional relationships to obtain personal, sexual, or professional advantages. The author also understands that unprofessional conduct may be considered grounds for being excluded from future reviewing and publication opportunities.

Second Party Submission

In general, AN does not publish previously published articles—whether copyrighted or licensed under creative commons.

AAA Executive Board Motion

American Anthropological Association Statement on Response to Accusations in the Anthropology Newsletter (adopted January 1995)

WHEREAS the Anthropology Newsletter (AN) offers members opportunities to express views of ethical issues affecting the profession, And whereas a member, to express her/ his views fully, may feel it necessary on occasion to accuse another association member of wrongdoing, And whereas the member accused should be given timely opportunity to respond fully to the charges,

THEREFORE, be it resolved

(1) the person accused should be the opportunity to respond fully in the same edition of the AN in which the charge of wrongdoing appears;

(2) the person accused should be given two weeks to prepare a response; and

(3) publication of the original article should be delayed only if the person accused cannot meet the two-week deadline for good reason (e.g., overseas field research, illness). It is understood that the AN reserves the right to edit a response as with any submission to the AN.


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Commenting Disclaimer

Want to comment? Please be aware that only comments from current AAA members will be approve. AN is supported by member dues, so discussions on anthropology-news.org are moderated to ensure that current members are commenting. As with all AN content, comments reflect the views of the person who submitted the comment only. The approval of a comment to go live does not signify endorsement by AN or the AAA.